Update on the situation regarding the reissue of “Odes”, December 2019

Work is continuing on the reissue of “Odes”. There has been a great deal of work and effort on this re-issue to make it a special and worthy release. This will definitely be worth the wait and is currently planned for release to co-incide with the 30th anniversary of the band and the first release under the name of Mordor.
We can announce that the digibook CD version will be a joint release between the labels Aesthetic Death and Possession Productions, and the LP version, which will be released shortly afterwards, as a joint collaboration between Aesthetic Death and Nuclear War Now!

Detail of the reconstructed current cover of “Odes” for the reissue planed for 2020.

The 1995 Wild Rags Records CD version of “Odes” is still digitally available on Bandcamp.