“Even with 30 years of hiding in the shadows, Mordor reigns victorious in their kingdom of obscurity. Though they may not be represented in the greater metal timeline like so many others, Mordor’s continued odes to darkness speak of the truth in history, of creativity hiding in the shadows. Sometimes history doesn’t know everything.”

A 2018 interview “Hidden History: Mordor Speaks” for Invisible Oranges by Jon Rosenthal; his introduction is worth reading in full. Here is the missing portion of the answer to the question number 6 “Do you feel the current Kali Yuga has a current physical manifestation? If so do you fear it?”:
“By the way, in the pre-post apocalyptic and good book “Kalki” by American writer Gore Vidal, a former soldier claiming to be nothing less than Kalki succeeds to destroy mankind and our noxious civilization, being finally the last man alive, knowing ironically that simians will become the new masters of the world. If the Kali Yuga is the worst of ages, we note nonetheless that for Tantrikas for instance, there is no resignation and they have an active and bold approach. To refer to a Tantra: “The lord-of-tears (Rudra) has shown in the Left-Hand doctrine that spiritual advancement is best achieved by means of those very things which are the causes of man’s downfalls.” This is a particular and risky path for qualified people.”

For people reading French, an extensive interview conducted by Hans Cany for the webzine Requiem.