Scorh Anyroth: concepts, voice, guitar, machines (1987–present)

Dam Gomhory: voice, bass, machines & recording (1987–present)

Seth (aka S3th): voice, guitar, tingsha, sitar (1996-2009; 2016–present)

Farkás: guitar, voice, percussions, machines, drums (1995-1999; 2016–present)

The current line-up for live acts is: S3th, Dam, Farkás.

Credit photo : Nando Harmsen

Former members and collaborators:

ᛦAlghor Dursan (R.I.P.): machines, sound engineer, photos… (1992-2012)

Aripa Sataneï: female voice (1989-1993)

Enielle: female voice (1995-1996)

Flore de la Mandragore: female voice (1996-1999)

Opale Ablasorh: female voice (1992-1995)

Vual Elighore: name used for different drummers at the time of Arög (1987-1990)

And various anonymous persons.