The Way of Nihilism – Thematic compilation (1993)

In close collaboration with long-time Mordor associate Alghor Dursan, now deceased, and a few friends, the thematic compilation The Way of Nihilism was released on a cassette tape at the beginning of 1993 by our own label Dark Industries Records. Only 111 numbered copies were available, and some persons considered it “a peak in dark post-modern art”. Philosophically, the purpose was to investigate by means of music and noise projects different possible definitions of nihilism.

Mordor song “In Search of the Pure Negation” was especially recorded for this compilation and later was used as bonus track on the Wild Rags version of Csejthe in 1995. Using gloomy atmosphere and a slow tempo, it tells the quest of a man from sorrow and despair to his final spiritual liberation from the cycle of birth and death, which is called in Hinduism mukti or mokṣa, through antinomian rituals based on the Tantric Left-Hand path, hieros gamos and the recovery of the primordial unity of the divine couple Śiva and Śakti, opposed only in appearance. The dark goddess Kālī is the power of vacuity unattainable by words and mind, who destroys time, bonds, the negation of life and death, form and non-form. A process of deprogramming and questioning domestication, all values and conceptions regarded as universal or normative in a materialistic society is a necessary first step to conduct a spiritual quest, an active nihilism.

Cover in B/W of “The Way Of Nihilism”, 1993.

The devastating recording session of G.O.R.A., influenced by noisecore and industrial music, explored nihilism resulting from contemplating historical atrocities, natural – or caused by human endeavour – disasters, and the insignificance of mankind, not more important than bacteria, in an absurd, chaotic universe without meaning. Vorsaken was an icy minimalistic doom metal as cold as concrete and metal buildings of metropolises, or the solitude of men not belonging to the unconscious, passive nihilism characteristic of the contemporary world.

Besides Art’Sneider, Alghor Dursan’s experimental project which looked into the dark traits of human personality, The Way of Nihilism also included Odessa, Dam Gomhory’s ambient side-project based on horror movies, and Cult of Noise, using only atmospheric guitars to refer to the serenity of emptiness or voidness beyond the phenomenal world and conceptual constructs; ultimately, things and beings are devoid of any true intrinsic, independent existence.

“May I see the three worlds with Thy grace as a crematorium burning all impurities, occupied only by the black, undifferentiated fire of Kālī.”

In Search Of The Pure Negation – Bandcamp

Side A

  1. Mordor – In Search of the Pure Negation
  2. G.O.R.A. – The Awakening of Chaos
  3. G.O.R.A. – Crematorium
  4. G.O.R.A. – Discordant
  5. G.O.R.A. – Dissection
  6. G.O.R.A. – Razor Blade (In Two Movements)
  7. G.O.R.A. – Pure Hate
  8. G.O.R.A. – Bestial Orgy (The Second Reign)
  9. G.O.R.A. – Dissolution
  10. G.O.R.A. – Fourth Reich
  11. G.O.R.A. – Final Destruction
  12. Vorsaken – No Life
  13. Vorsaken – No Joy
  14. Vorsaken – No Hope

Side B

  1. Art’Sneider – Analyptique 1
  2. Odessa – Dream of a Cenobite
  3. Cult of Noise – Transcendance