Odes – 1995


  1. Dark Throne of Blasphemous Evil – 21:55
  2. The Great Kat Is God – 09:56 – Listen on Youtube
  3. Lamentations for Corinne – 24:31
  4. Black Roses From The Dawn Of Chaos – 10:24

total – 66:48

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Odes was recorded in very special conditions at L’Antre, in November 1990. Despite the not excellent sound quality, it offers an incredible atmosphere for somebody able to get inside it. Remixed at Dark Sound Studio in 1994.

“Black Roses from the Dawn of the Chaos” was recorded at Dark Sound Studio, for a very important aim. It was used for the limited edition of the compilation ARÖG/MORDOR/GORA in 1991. Remixed at Dark Sound Studio in 1994.

“Dark Throne of Blasphemous Evil” is dedicated to Howard P. Lovecraft.
“The Great Kat is God” is dedicated to Katherine Thomas.
“Lamentations for Corinne” is dedicated to Corinne D.
“Black Roses from the Dawn of Chaos” is dedicated to Tënëbrâhl.