Arög/Mordor/G.O.R.A. Compilation (1991)

Arög/Mordor/G.O.R.A. Compilation (1991)


  1. Die
  2. Angels of God
  3. Rubbish Planet
  4. Hurlement
  5. Insanity
  6. Ave Tenebrae
  7. Fall into Hell


  1. Black Roses from the Dawn of Chaos, dedicated to Tënëbrâhl


  1. Dysentery & Diarrhea
  2. Holocaust
  3. Hurelements
  4. Brouhaha
  5. Gora
  6. Burst
  7. Crematorium
  8. War
  9. War and Hate
  10. Chaotic Reign

The compilation Arög/Mordor/G.O.R.A. self-released in 1991 gathered several songs from our first band Arög founded in 1987, an unreleased Mordor’s track titled “Black Roses from the Dawn of Chaos”, which later will be added to the Wild Rags successive versions of Odes, and pieces from our extreme noise/grind/industrial side-project Gora (also spelled G.O.R.A.) founded in 1988.

Arög’s songs came from a rehearsal session, possibly recorded in 1988 or 1989. “Insanity” will be later reworked for Csejthe and renamed “Last Demoniac Invocation”. Gora’s pieces were taken from the first demo Experiments in Abomination, issued probably in 1989.